3 Massive Mistakes Middle-aged Women make that leave them feeling depressed

3 Massive Mistakes Middle-aged Women make that leave them feeling depressed

I’m sure you’re thinking, how can I POSSIBLY be responsible for feeling like a failure?  That just doesn’t sound fair, does it?


There are specific mistakes middle-aged women make that cause them to feel like a failure are:

  1. Constant negative self-talk

  2. Blaming others

  3. Repeated negative thought patterns

Let’s have a closer look…

  1. Constant negative self-talk – If you could put down the conversations in your head into a book, what would the title be? For surprisingly a lot of middle-aged women it might sound something like this; “Look where I am in my life, what have I accomplished?” or “If I couldn’t pursue my dreams up until now, I will never do it” or perhaps even “My life is a total failure, I’m going no-where”.  Does these sound familiar?

It is extremely important to understand that, whatever we talk to ourselves about, we BELIEVE.  One of my favourite quotes are one by Henry Ford:

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right”.

But how can you start changing what you tell yourself every single day?  Firstly, become very aware about what you tell yourself.  Whenever you catch yourself talking yourself down, turn it around immediately.  Instead of asking yourself “What have I accomplished in my life?” turn the question around and ask “What can I do TODAY in order to turn my life around?”

Thereafter, take action!  Make a definite decision that you will no longer be a victim of your own negative self-talk, you will prove yourself wrong, and change your life today!  It is never too late!

  1. Blaming others – This is probably the most difficult one to confess. It is very easy to blame your circumstances, your boss, your parents, your teachers, your siblings, your upbringing etc. etc…  But the reality is that you always have a choice in how you react to the situations in life, and what you take from it.

Unfortunately, if you don’t take ownership of your life, you will always live on the ‘effect’ side of life. You are like a boat being tossed by the waves, with no clear direction.

The moment you start taking responsibility of where you are in your life, you will be amazed at how things can change in your favour.   In every single situation there is an opportunity to ask “What can I learn from this?”  These invaluable life lessons empower you to become who you were meant to be.

  1. Repeated Negative thought patterns – This is the NUMBER ONE reason why middle-aged women feel depressed, or that they ‘believe’ it is too late to make a fresh start. Whatever you dominantly think about creates the decisions you make in life, which in turn influences your behaviour, habits and reactions, and ultimately create your life.  I cannot give enough emphasis on this topic.  To have constant negative thoughts carrying you throughout the day, sends you in a downward spiral of depression, feelings of worthlessness, despair and apathy.

Something to immediately do is stop the endless cycle and take note of your FEELINGS.   It is nearly impossible to monitor each and every thought that enters your mind, but your feelings act as a compass telling you whether you’re on or off course.   Moment by moment, be aware of how you feel, and make the change from a feeling perspective.  The moment you start feeling bad, immediately turn your thoughts to what you’re grateful for in life.  We all have something to be grateful for.  Are you healthy, do you have a warm bed every night, do you have running water in your tap?  These are major blessings to be grateful for, which for some, is yet a dream to have.

The dangerous consequence of ignoring this pattern is, the more you get into a habit of negative thinking, the more stuck you become in negative, depressed and hopeless feelings, and the more difficult it is to get out of that self-destroying habit.



Truth be told, it sometimes is easier said than done, especially if negative self-talk and negative thoughts have become an ingrained habit.  The good news though is that it doesn’t have to be a life-sentence, habits can be changed and new positive habits can be learnt!

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