6 Tips on how to stay focused during challenging times

6 Tips on how to stay focused during challenging times

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A day in the life of an entrepreneur… Before you embarked on this journey, you agreed with all the quotes that read “If you don’t try, you’ll never know”,  “It’s a roller coaster ride”, “You need to fail in order to succeed”, and you thought “Awesome!  This is what excites me; I can’t wait to be an entrepreneur!!”

I’ve read many books on what it takes to be an entrepreneur, one of my favorites is still Richard Branson’s autobiography, being inspired by the magnificent journey he endured before he hit major success.  Living from his car, and persisting in spite of many ideas failing until the right business boomed.

So, here we are…enjoying one of those bottom dips of the roller coaster ride (you looked forward to so much).  You knew it will be inevitable, but did you REALLY know what you were getting yourself into?!

Now of ALL times is when you need to stay positive and focused in order to persist, but how does one stay positive in these times?

Here are 6 tips on how to stay focused during challenging times:

  1. Do NOT think about it!!

I know, it’s near impossible, especially when you can clearly see those debit orders bouncing…   But you know what?  Worry, stress and anxiety will not fill your pockets!  It will only cloud your mind, reducing your ability to be creative, see opportunities, work productively and attracting abundance.  Change your thoughts IMMEDIATELY!   If thinking positive thoughts are too difficult at the time, make a list of what you’re grateful for.  You still have a roof over your head, food on the table (perhaps not what you were used to, but it’s food 😉 ) , you still have your computer and internet, which means you’re still in business!

  1. Keep busy…

Keep yourself busy with things that make you feel good.   If nothing makes you feel good at the moment, do something productive!  Get paint and a brush, and finally paint that rusted gate you were putting off for so many months.  I promise you, you’ll have a sense of accomplishment and feel proud every time you pass that gate.  It sure beats feeling down and depressed!

  1. Avoid negative, complaining conversations like the plague!

Do NOT, and I repeat, do NOT complain about how “bad” things are going!  Focusing and complaining on how bad the situation is, will only bring more bad situations!  Whatever you focus your attention on, you’ll get more of.  That’s the science behind it, so avoid it at all cost.   If someone asks how the business is doing, you tell them “Business is coming in, so I’m grateful”, and then change the topic!

  1. Stay focused!

What is your ultimate goal?  Keep your focus on that! (If you don’t have one yet, I highly recommend that you create it as soon as possible) The situation is only temporary; don’t let the ‘off’ days take your dream away.  This is all part of the journey, but your end-goal didn’t change.  Build on that picture, see and feel it in every detail as much as you can.

  1. Take it one step at a time

So, what is your to-do list for tomorrow?  Don’t let the obvious current situation consume your day.  Get up, get active!  Make your to-do list, and work through it.  Focusing on one thing at a time, will ensure that you’re still productive.  Keep at it, you’ll get there!

  1. Keep the faith

All things are possible for those who have faith.  You started your own business because deep down you knew you have something to offer, and that you can be successful.  If you didn’t believe in yourself, you wouldn’t have started in the first place.  That in its own is a huge accomplishment!   You knew tough times will come, now to get through it with the same positive spirit you started your business with.

If you struggle to do it on your own, do WHATEVER you can to change your mind-set.  Talk to someone who can lift you up, read a book, learn a new skill, get a coach, but do whatever it takes to be the best version of yourself you can possible be.  Others will get a sense of the energy around you; they will either be attracted to you or repelled by you.

The choice is yours…