New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Why is new beginnings so hard?

Now, I am absolutely fascinated by trees, and when people talk about new beginnings it’s often depicted as something growing, a bud blooming or a seed sprouting.  But when I think of new beginnings, I see old leaves drifting in the wind, warn-out branches being pruned and a replenishing of the earth.

This is us.  A tree of life.  A tree filled with a vibrant life force rooted in understanding, love, wisdom and kindness, with fruits to bare and to share. At the core, this tree has an everlasting spirit which flows through our roots, through the branches and flows to every single person we meet. We give of ourselves every single day.

But sometimes some of our roots get contaminated.  Contaminated by other people’s opinions, conditioning that doesn’t serve us, contaminated by fear, self-doubt and anger.  These roots then manifest in dreams not being followed, unfulfilled lives, stagnant careers, unhappiness, a general feeling of being stuck and depressed.

This is why change is “hard”.szmit85cv84-daryn-bartlett

These roots needs to be restored or removed completely, so that we may experience the unconditional love we have for ourselves and others and to have inner peace and joy in every situation, be happy and fulfilled.  This is what’s destined for each and every one of us.  A life of love, abundance and fulfillment.

Be READY for change, KNOW that change is possible, and that nothing is ever set in stone.  Rather than working around these contaminated roots, remove them.  Rather than learning strategies to live with them, get rid of them.   Change is easy, it is the mind that convinces us that new beginnings are not possible or that it is hard to change.

Whichever path you choose towards change, it’s only a decision away.  A choice that you want to remove the fear and be who you truly are. A choice to believe in yourself and that you deserve all that this world has to offer.  A choice to have love, abundance and joy and change your life!