Health Coaching

Our health is linked with our mindset, thoughts, emotional state, and consciousness. When we are stressed and anxious, our immune system is immediately weakened which makes us more prone to illnesses such as:

  • heart diseases,
  • diabetes,
  • high blood pressure,
  • chronic headaches,
  • insomnia,
  • depression,
  • and cancer, to name just a few

When ridden with fear, stress, worry and anxiety, it is extremely difficult to foster a healthy body and mind. Our mind is our most powerful tool, and thoughts have the power to change anything in our reality, even our health.


What can you expect?



  • Removing negative emotions that is overwhelming and affecting the body
  • Eliminating negative beliefs that is acting as a barrier against a healing mindset
  • Create purpose and direction going forward
  • Instil a mindset and self-image towards a healthy body

No-one can guarantee health and healing, but what I do know is that the mind is a powerful force and has a proven effect on the body.



How does the process work?



We will start with an eight-week journey, where after we will meet continuously on a monthly basis.


Session 1 – Gathering of vital information towards the healing journey. Uncovering challenge areas, inner beliefs, fears, and limitations that was previously hidden and eliciting inner core value systems.

Session 2 – Create purpose and direction going forward. Together we will create a blueprint for you to follow that will enable you to create a health mindset and life you would like to experience.

Session 3 – Knowledge is Power. Here you will gain new perspectives and knowledge on the power of the mind and the effects of thoughts and emotions on your body and your healing.

Session 4 – Resolve your biggest Inner Conflict. Through this very powerful technique, you will transform the part of you that is currently keeping you in a state of doubt and fear, into the powerful part of you that has the ability to lead you in the right direction. This will leave you with a sense of peace, inner calmness and quiet mind that is open to new possibilities, inspiration and healing.

Session 5 – Releasing negative emotions. This process will allow you to let go and release built-up, unresolved negative emotions you have been carrying in your body your entire life.

Session 6 – Heal negative / limiting beliefs. Beliefs create our reality. To have absolute faith, one needs to get rid of the beliefs telling us otherwise.

Session 7 – After eliminating negative beliefs and thought patterns, it is especially important to replace them with empowering, healthy, supportive, and positive patterns. “Energy flows where attention goes”

Session 8 – Self Image. We conclude our first part of the program by instilling a brand-new self-image that is aligned with the authentic you.

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