Living with Dis-ease

Dis-ease happens when there is a lack of ease, comfort and harmony within the body or the mind.  When a person is diagnosed with a dreaded illness, or disease, it usually affects a person’s entire life, physical body and lifestyle.

Why did I decide to coach people living with dis-ease?  To be honest, I do not have a rational explanation why I am drawn to healing and understanding how our mind can impact our health and body.  Ever since I can remember, I have been drawn towards understanding and exploring this aspect of life.

Since reading Joe Dispenza’s book, ‘You are the Placebo’, I was even more intrigued and excited about how the power of our mind can affect our bodies and health.

Even though I am not a medical practitioner, through experiences with past clients, I know that our thoughts and mindset greatly affect our bodies, health and wellbeing.  When diagnosed with a dis-ease of the body or mind, your mind  and thoughts become your most important asset.  How you approach the situation, what thoughts you allow to flood your mind and what emotions overcomes you, will have a major impact on your healing journey.

When you are faced with a life-threatening condition, you get instilled with even more fear from other people’s opinions and what you read about the condition.  When ridden with fear, worry and anxiety, it can be extremely difficult to foster a healthy mindset, body and lifestyle.

Feelings that affect a person’s strength and resilience:

  • Shock
  • Powerlessness
  • Hopelessness
  • Feeling depressed
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Worry
  • Guilt
  • Fear

Some, or all, of these emotions are inevitable.  It is normal for a person to want to deny these emotions and keep them hidden for the sake of those around them.  Unfortunately, this approach can be detrimental to your healing progress.  These emotions need to be dealt with in a healthy manner so that they are experienced and released, and not held in the body.

When we experience stress or anxiety, our bodies have a reaction.  Either a knot in the stomach, pains in the chest, heart palpitations, headaches, feeling nauseous etc.  When you are on a healing journey, your body needs all its strength to fight the dis-ease, and not the symptoms of the fear and anxiety.

Overwhelming emotions weakens the body’s immune system. It makes one even more prone to depression, anxiety and physical pain.

It is then imperative to cultivate a healthy mind in order to cultivate a healthy and strong body.






What we will be focusing on during the coaching programme:

  • Re-organising life: Setting new goals and focus areas towards a healthy and balanced lifestyle
  • Dealing and letting go of overwhelming emotions
  • Identifying and letting go of negative thought patterns that are keeping you stuck
  • Acceptance
  • Exploring strategies towards healing

Watch an interview with Dr Joe Dispenza on how he was healed after being told that he will never walk again:


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