Low Self-Esteem Programme

Self-esteem is how a person thinks and feels about themselves and what they do. Someone with a low or negative self-esteem will generally be very negative and self-critical, think they are not good enough, don’t deserve love or support and that situations will work out badly for them.

Typical thoughts going through a person’s mind with low self-esteem is “I’m stupid”; “I’m worthless”; “It’s my fault”; “I’m a failure” “I’m not good enough”; “I can never do anything right”; “I’m incompetent”.

Low self-esteem can affect you emotionally in the following ways:

  • Feeling depressed
  • Anxious
  • Sad and hurt
  • Frustrated
  • Feeling worthless and like a failure
  • No self-confidence
  • Ashamed
  • Guilty
  • Stressed
  • Fearful and inadequate
  • Beating yourself up

The effects of low self-esteem in your life

  • Not looking after yourself – If you have constant thoughts and feelings of worthlessness and that you don’t care about yourself, it becomes easy to neglect things like health, physical wellbeing, sleep, food an exercise.
  • Negative feelings – Low self-esteem have a direct impact on how you feel, you may experience feelings like being sad, shy, ashamed, anxious or angry.
  • Loss in motivation – If you are determined that you always fail, and that you’re not good enough, it’s very hard to get the motivation together to move forward in your career and life in general.
  • Getting stuck in your comfort zones – It is very hard to try out new things, and move out of your comfort zone if you feel you don’t have what it takes, or others deserve the opportunities life hands you more than you do
  • Relationship problems – You might not think you deserve good relationships, or that you’ll be able to maintain a healthy relationships, thus would you rather avoid interaction with others all together.
  • Low resilience – You find it harder to deal with tough times because you might think that things couldn’t possibly get any better.
If you identify with the following symptoms, you might be suffering from low self-esteem:
  • You always try to please others
  • You watch people’s actions and words towards you like a hawk
  • You compare yourself to everyone
  • You are always on the defence
  • You always pretend that everything is okay
  • You are shy and passive around others
  • You will avoid conflict at all cost
  • You say “I’m sorry” way too much
  • You would rather avoid people and situations
  • You neglect or abuse yourself
  • You feel better when you put others down
  • You never take credit for your hard work, you feel your achievement was mere ‘luck’

This Self-Esteem Coaching Programme is designed to:

  • Let go and release a lifetime’s built up negative emotions, like anger, guilt, fear, anxiety, doubt, worry, depression, sadness, frustration etc
  • Delete limiting beliefs holding you back in life:
    • “I’m not good enough” 
    • “I’m stupid”
    • “There’s something wrong with me”
    • “I can’t do that”
    • “I don’t deserve that”
    • and many more…
  • Resolve Inner Conflict, that’s keeping you from moving forward in life
  • Change negative self-talk to positive and empowering self-talk
  • Boost your self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Allow unconditional love in your life
  • Get rid of unwanted behaviour and habits

The BENEFITS are even greater, you will:

  • Have a complete transformed perception of yourself and the world around you.
  • Have more confidence, self-acceptance, self-love and joy
  • Experience more inner-peace and freedom
  • Be a totally new person with a changed, positive self-image
  • Be able to take action on your goals, and reach them
  • Feel comfortable in your own skin
  • Be happy
  • Have clarity of thoughts and able to make better decisions
  • Focus on that which you CHOOSE to have in life