Relationship Coaching

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change

Wayne Dyer

Relationship or Couple’s Coaching is not exclusively for couples only. You can also heal the relationship by healing yourself within. Even though your partner might not be open to the coaching process, you still have the power to make a change, because when you change, everything changes.

A Relationship Coach can help you with the following:



Knowledge is Power



  • Understand yourself and your own limitations – Only once you really know yourself and why you react the way you do, will you be able to understand others and their reactions better, and be able to communicate differently and make different choices
  • Set goals and a purpose for the relationship and for yourself
  • Unearth your and your partner’s inner values – Understand each other’s needs better to be able to align your values and agree on a way forward
  • Change the internal stories you are telling yourself about yourself as well as about your partner – when you change your internal communication, your external communication will change



Self Healing



  • Work through your own insecurities and past disappointments – Our reality becomes a mirror of what lies within us, only once you’ve healed your own insecurities and hurt, will you be able to let others in and allow trust back into your life
  • Allowing forgives – forgiveness brings healing, not only to yourself but to the relationship
  • Take back your power – not allowing negative emotions to overwhelm your life and situations



Whole and Connected



  • Letting go of all resentment, guilt, fear, rejection and hurt – finally letting go of these emotions that you’ve carried with you for so many years will leave you feeling lighter and whole, with an open mind to see things in a very different perspective
  • Making healthy decisions for you and for the relationship
  • Clear up any unresolved issues within any relationship
  • Find love and self-worth again




How does the process work?


You and your partner will have individual coaching sessions, focused on the following areas:


Session 1 – Uncovering challenge and focus areas of the relationship and self, as well as eliciting inner values that might be misaligned.

Session 2 – Knowledge is Power. During this session you will gain new insights into behaviour, the effects of thoughts and emotions on yourself and others around you. We will also work on creating a purpose and goal towards healing the relationship and yourself.

Session 3 – Releasing negative emotions. This process will allow you to let go and release built-up, unresolved negative emotions you’ve been carrying with you. This accumulation of emotions causes emotional outbursts, prolonged resentment, feelings of depression and sadness, or continuous feelings of disappointment. Allowing these emotions to leave your system will give you control over your emotions again.


The final session will be a combined session:


Session 4 – Final Relationship clear-up healing.  Unresolved, unknown issues within the relationship will be healed during this session.


To find out more about the methodology behind the coaching process, book your complimentary 30-minute session below.




“This coaching changed my perspective on life. Life since the coaching seems easier, lighter and the worry about tomorrow is gone. Coaching lets you realise that tomorrow WILL come, but it’s not a threat to your existence, it can be educational and life-changing”- Yolandi

“Nadat ek ‘commit’ het aan die coaching sessies, het ek ‘n aansienlike verbetering gesien in die manier wat ek situasies hanteer en myself verbaas oor hoe my gedrag verander het. Iets wat ek weet my voorheen my sou platslaan, het met my gebeur na ‘n paar sessies, en ek het dit onmiddelik verwerk.  Ek was verbaas hoe ligtelik ek daarvan af gekom het. Ek voel gelukkiger as ooit na my sessies en ek is baie gemakliker met myself en het ‘n goeie selfbeeld.” Ivan

“I was very hesitant in the beginning, because I compared Maryke with a psychologist.  After my very first session of visualisation, my mind was blown! I saw a change in my reactions to situations, and became much more open-minded.  I will recommend it to anyone.” Donè


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