What My Clients Say…

I will recommend Maryke’s coaching at any time of the day. She just has this aura about her that relaxes you and allow you to tap into a wealth of wisdom, knowledge and courage you did not realize you posses.

You somehow come to a realisation of abilities you couldn’t tap into. She uses techniques that unclogs the “well of life” within. She gives you zest and appetite for life. You feel driven by a desire to accomplish great things. You honestly feel that the world is your oyster!!

I will encourage anyone to make a move right away and make that move!! Remember life and all of creation is awaiting your appearance, so do us all that favor and simply emerge.


I met Maryke at a very sad and low time in my life.  During my first meeting with her I had a sense that she will help me change my life drastically.  Not only does she create a safe and supportive environment, she remained present and fully engaged throughout the journey of transformation.  Through the transformation programme Maryke has helped me recollect and define myself, my values and my dreams.  She helped me believe in myself and intensified positive thinking within me and taught me how to attract abundance in my life.

I am now a transformed person and mindful that my life has purpose.  I am amazed by the extraordinary life changes Maryke has helped me create.  It has been a spiritual encounter, one that will remain sacred in my journey of life.  I will forever be grateful to Maryke for changing my life!

Sameera Mohamed

In die begin het ek baie getwyfel of hierdie hele proses gaan help. Ek was skepties die eerste sessie, maar ek het die besluit geneem om alles te gee. Ek kan definitief getuig dat as jy jou lewe drasties wil verander, is hierdie definitief vir jou! Dit het my baie anders laat kyk na my daaglikse lewe, en ek wens ek het hierdie vroeer in my lewe gehad. Ek is dankbaar vir alles en wens dat meer mense kan beleef wat ek die afgelope tyd beleef het.


“I’ve just finished my coaching sessions with Maryke and what an amazing experience this was!

I only realised at the end of the coaching, when we did some reflection to see where I started and where I am now, what a huge impact and positive change the coaching made in my life.  I’ve been applying the new skills and though patterns without even realising it.

The effect of the coaching was astonishing when I realised all the great changes I’ve made and implemented on a daily basis.  The techniques are super easy to follow as Maryke guides you step by step through the process.  She explains the process with such care and you can see that she is passionate about what she is doing and committed to guiding you towards becoming a better you.

Thank you Maryke, you changed my life!”


Ek het na Maryke gekom met baie “issues” in my lewe, en was in die begin skepties en het gewonder of dit sou help om my emosies beter te beheer.  Wel, na elke sessie het ek elke keer iets huis te gevat en gewerk daaraan.  Aan die einde van die sessies kan ek nou se dat ek reg is vir enige “challenge” daar buite.  Ek het selfvertroue opgebou en ontslae geraak van als wat my aftrek en terug hou.  Ek kan net se “watch this space”!


The coaching has enabled me in so many ways.  It has enabled me to see the best version of myself.  My  perspective on life changed from half empty to half full.  What I have learnt can be applied in my personal life as well as my career.  Maryke taught me how to draft and implement a blue print of how to get the best out of life or any other circumstances.  These sessions were truly valuable, the best investment I have ever made on myself.


“I signed up for coaching because I felt like I had no control over my temper.  It would take too much to get my snapping and turning into rage.  Coaching has brought peace to my being.  I feel quietness on the inside and very calm.

I don’t hate myself but accept myself and see my value as a person.  This has given me the confidence to address issues and to stop practicing what undermines my value as a service provider and person.

I am more comfortable having the difficult conversations, rather than bottling my feelings.

Maryke has a great way to make one feel safe and comfortable to open up.”


I truly enjoyed the experience with Maryke; identifying and acknowledging my emotions.  It gave me hope and allowed me to dream again after being in a dark place.

I feel empowered and excited about my future and really enjoying the rest of my life. I feel as if I have taken my life and the purpose I have in this life back, AND that with the help of Maryke.

I look forward to the rest of my life, while continuing to live my purpose!


“Voor ek my sessies met Maryke begin het was ek 90% van die tyd angstig, depressief en het geen motivering gehad vir enigiets nie.  Sy het my verseker gehelp om van ou “laste” ontslae te raak.  Ek is nie meer angstig of depressief nie en ek sien uit na my lewe vorentoe!

Ek voel ook baie beter oor myself en het die gesegde van  “the sky is the limit” MYNE GEMAAK! :-)”


Transformation Coaching helped me to change my thoughts and therefore change my entire outlook on life. I never realised that thinking and feeling affect our bodies’ functioning. A lot of my physical pain disappeared when I started to manage negative emotions in a more positive way. The Coaching helped me to identify the negative emotions that I’m feeling.

Admitting that you feel angry or anxious is sometimes the most important step. You are not a bad person for doing this. You are merely acknowledging what is already there in order to gain insight.

The greatest tool is knowing that you always have control over your own inner world even though circumstances may not always be ideal.  A sense of peace sets in when the struggle to always be perfect fades away.

Accepting yourself deeply and completely is a journey but one that is well worth it.


My naam is Madelei Wium, ek is ‘n “Fitness Instructor”.  Ek het baie gesukkel met self-vertroue, en het altyd geglo dat ek nie suksesvol kan wees nie, en dat ander mense my nie wil aanvaar nie.

Ek het al met my eerste sessie uitgestap met ‘n verskil in my hart en motivering om sukses agterna te volg.

Geleenthede het meer op my pad gekom, en ek groei in myself en besef wat ek werd is.  Elke slegte situasie wat tydens Maryke se program uitgekom het, kon ek baie duidelik die “goeie” uit elke omstandighede haal, en eerder op die goeie fokus.

Ek voel baie goed, positief en energiek!  Ek kan my sukses nou sonder twyfel bereik!!

Madelei Wium

I would just like to thank you for assisting and helping me to understand the power of the mind, my thought processes and how I can overcome anything in life by believing anything is possible. You taught me so much about myself. You are so passionate about your coaching and empower individuals as much as you can .. that changed me, it gave me a new perspective.  I thank you for putting these hours into my life…
This is my new beginning.”

Lizelle Classen

Maryke, I came to you in a state of depression, low self-esteem and no motivation.

I needed help from someone that understands life and life’s challenges..like a good boxer, tennis player or any person in need of coaching and guidance. Sometimes it is difficult to get through life’s challenges alone. You need guidance to find the right path to get you going again.

My experience with you was totally out of my comfort zone, sometimes “weird”  but also focused on maintaining control of your inner self…

Within the first session I was in touch with myself and ready to take on life’s challenges. Totally focused and motivated….

Maryke, I thank you for setting me up to take on my destiny and achieving my goals. My life makes sense again!

See you soon!


Dit was werklik ‘n treat.  Maryke is so ‘n pragtige, oop, vriendelike, liefdevolle en vreugdevolle mens.  Dit was ‘n eer om haar te ontmoet en ek is dankbaar vir haar tyd, aandag, moeite en hulp.  Ek voel soveel beter oor myself.  Ek sien hoe ek verander en hoe ek goed benader verander.  Ek het werklik ‘n rustigheid en ‘n gevoel van alles is okay.  Ek hou nou van wie ek is.

Maryke, vir jou wil ek se baie, baie dankie.  Ons het so lekker gesels en gelag.  Nie net het jy baie gehelp nie, maar tyd saam met jou ‘n week was ‘n fees.  Ek gaan verlang.  Definitief gaan die tye ne lesse, gesprekke, lag en raad onthou.


My lewe is verander en ek voel soos ‘n nuwe mens!  Maryke het my deur haar coaching gehelp om te identifiseer waarvandaan sekere gevoelens, idees en emosies kom en my gehelp om my gevoelens, idees en emosies “gesond te maak”.  Ek het selfvertroue wat ek nodig gehad het, ek is lief vir myself en hou van wie ek is.  Ek is baie dankbaar vir Maryke en die 8 weke wat ek kon leer, identifiseer en groei.  Ek sien uit na my “nuwe lewe”en die “nuwe ek”.  Baie, baie dankie!

See you soon!


I approached Maryke at a very low point in my life.  I felt stuck in my career and in my day to day life.

The transition from the person I was 8 weeks ago to the person today is unbelievable.  I feel more positive about myself, my career and my future.

Thank you Maryke for making me realize what my purpose is on this planet and how I can be successful whilst serving this purpose.

I recommend your sessions to anyone!