To feel or not to feel?

To feel or not to feel?

This is the question that’s been repeating in my head the past few days. I suddenly started questioning whether we as human experiential beings, should ‘be’ in every single feeling we feel, experience everything we’re experiencing, whether good or bad. Or should we get rid of all the negative feelings and only feel the ‘good’ feelings? It sounds a bit absurd, I know, but bear with me.

Yes, we can’t deny or ignore all our feelings. But yesterday evening I suddenly got to the conclusion. I’ve recently read in the book, Conversations with God, that the only reason to change is thought (or anything for that matter) is if that thought makes you unhappy. Just there I got my answer. Nothing is either right or wrong. There are only the rules you follow that either you’ve decided upon yourself according to the values you’ve adopted, or rules society has taught us about what’s ‘right and wrong’. If something is right for you, it’s right. If it feels wrong to you, it’s wrong. That’s it, bottom line. So whether you want to ‘bask’ in every feeling that you feel, and experience it for what it is, and if it feels right to you, then it is right.

“The only reason to change a thought is if it makes you unhappy”

So for me, what makes me unhappy is to feel fearful, to doubt myself, to feel guilty and especially to experience anger. I would rather heal those feelings and not experience them at all, as I know that our souls are pure. Our souls are pure love and acceptance, the rest is conditioning. We feel anger because someone broke a ‘rule’ that we’ve decided is not acceptable. We feel fear, because we doubt in ourselves and don’t believe in our abilities, or we worry about what others will think of us. We feel guilty, because we’ve been made believe that we’ve done something ‘wrong’.

I choose to not feel those feelings, as I believe and know that they come from a place of negative conditioning. Not from our souls. We are here to experience love, to have humility, to grow and to find the inner spirit within us, then we have found inner peace. Some might call it enlightenment, others might call it eternal life. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you call it. We need to go within. There’s a saying that goes, “if you don’t go within, you go without”. And the only way to find that inner peace is to get rid of all the negative conditioned mindsets, rules, barriers and limitations that we set for ourselves every single day. Yes, it may have been conditioned upon you, but you choose every day to still experience it and battle against it.

So I’m once again grateful for the past few days, making me to realise again that I’m serving a great and important purpose. Like that petrol attendant once told me, “You help people to become conscious”. Thank you my friend, these messages keep coming to me in different ways. Every single day I help people through this journey to let go of all those negative and limiting mindsets and baggage which are not serving us at all. They leave us feeling de-motivated, stuck, unhappy, dissatisfied with life, depressed and anxious.

Today I stand grateful and humbled again that I’ve been bestowed upon this wonderful task to change lives one step at a time.