When will YOU live?

When will YOU live?

During the past two weeks I was consumed by one question.   I am happy, I absolutely love what I do, I’m content in my family and spiritual life but why do I feel a restlessness stirring in my soul?  After much contemplation, the word “BALANCE” shot up like a light bulb in in my mind.  There needs to be balance.

As I was contemplating this, an old white bakkie made its way in front of me on the way home.  Written on the back with huge bold printed letters, the following words echoed in my mind:

Cancer maketh one live

Cancer maketh one live… I had to read it a few times for it to sink in.  How profound are those few words?  Why do people wait for something as dire as cancer to make them realise that they have to LIVE, or haven’t lived up until that point? Is that not what we’re here for?  To live?  Too often do we get caught up in this rat race, day in and day out, working during the week, resting on the weekend, and so the cycle continues until you realise at the end of the year that you’ve wasted yet another year. But once one realise that you might only have a few months or years to live, why only then realise you need to LIVE it?

What a liberating eye opener.  We are here to live our life, not suffer through it.  That’s when my question got answered.  Even while I’m living my passion, loving every single gejxi_qrpwm-karl-fredricksonday, for me to balance the equilibrium I have to remember to have FUN!  We need to have fun like an innocent child, it cannot only be work and no play.

Just because we are well, in perfect health, living a happy life, does not mean that we are guaranteed the next ten years…

Being stuck is an illusion, you are NOT stuck. Shake off the old, and welcome the new with open arms.  You can make a different decision TODAY to change your life, because today is all you have.

This is my plea to you, don’t wait for reality to hit you in the face before you realise you haven’t lived.  You have one life NOW, only today, only this very moment. LIVE it!