Life Coaching changed MY life! 

If it were not for the transformation coaching process I went through myself, I would not be where I am today and the person I am today.

I went from being a shy, reserved, anxious person to someone that is bold with confidence, resilience, and inspiration.

From doubting my abilities and worth, I became someone that consistently moves to the next level towards my personal and business success.

I used to put everyone else before myself, but took back my personal power. Now I make daily decisions and actions steps towards the life I want to create.

Before the coaching experience, my mind was ‘hard-wired’ with limitations, doubt, fear, insecurities and worries.  The moment I applied the tools to transform my thoughts and beliefs, my reality change 100%! 

To this day, I still have my own personal life coach, because my life is a constant journey of change, growth, and renewal.  Every time I do more work on my mind and beliefs (because we have thousands of limiting beliefs), my life moves to the next level. 

I will recommend Maryke’s coaching at any time of the day.  She just has this sense about her that relaxes you and allow you to tap into a wealth of wisdom, knowledge and courage you did not realize you posses.  You somehow come to a realisation of abilities you couldn’t tap into.  She uses techniques that unclogs the “well of life” within.  She gives you zest and appetite for life.  You feel driven by a desire to accomplish great things. You honestly feel that the world is your oyster!!

I will encourage anyone to make a move right away!! .


Benefits of having a life coach:

  • It forces you to stop, and take time-out for YOU
  • You stop going through life absent-minded and on autopilot, you create your life daily
  • Accountability. Someone that keeps reminding you of who you really are, that guides you towards becoming the best version of yourself
  • You see challenges as opportunities for growth
  • A life coach has a toolkit with all the right tools to eliminate limiting/negative beliefs and thought patterns
  • If you consistently change your thoughts, you will consistently change your reality to BE and DO whatever you choose to
  • A coach understands the workings of the mind, and will guide you to understand the real reason behind limitations and challenges
  • Sometimes you just need a different perspective to make the penny drop

What you think, you become.  What you feel, you attract.  What you imagine, you create. – Buddha