Entrepreneurship Coaching

“Entrepreneurship isn’t just a label – it’s a lifestyle”- Richard Branson


I have a special connection and passion towards entrepreneurship. Since I can remember, I have always imagined having my own business, and today I live my dream.

Having started my own business, I have come to realise that I only have one major asset in my business. My Mind. If my mindset is right, everything else falls into place. Through personal experience, I have seen the direct impact my mind and beliefs had (and has) on my business and the success thereof.

What can you expect from this process?

  • You will create a crystal-clear goal-set and a blueprint to manifest your ideals
  • Identifying and eliminate personal limitations and beliefs that are currently a barrier against the success of your business
  • Resolve inner conflict that is keeping you from acting on your dreams fearlessly
  • Instil a Success mind-set and Self-image



How does the process work?


Session 1 – Information gathering, idea formulation and identification of core business and personal values. We will also create a specific goals blueprint to enable you to manifest your success, wealth, and prosperity.

Session 2 – Knowledge is Power! Understand and know how to utilize the power of the mind together with the laws of the universe to create a reality of success and abundance.

Session 3 –Through a very powerful technique, we will transform the part of you that is currently holding you back, into the most powerful, successful, influential and inspiring part of who you know you truly are. This will leave you with a quiet, open mind to new ideas, possibilities, and inspiration.

Session 4 – During this session we will disintegrate and eliminate limiting personal beliefs as well as limiting money/abundance beliefs. Like Henry Ford said – “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right”

Session 5 – Actively instil of a powerful Success Mind-set and Self-image aligned with your future vision.

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