The Petrol Attendant

The Petrol Attendant


So, the other day I went to the local petrol station to fill my car.  It was a lovely autumn day, not too cold, just perfect weather (I’m not a fan of winter 🙂 ).  I was also in a cheerful mood, being grateful and full of hope and excitement about finally starting my own business.

As usual, I have my window turned down, waiting for the petrol attendant to do his thing. As I sit and wait, I hear his fellow attendant talking to him in his language, here and there I can make out a word, “study”, “exams”, “coach” so I knew they were busy reading the signage on my car, probably wondering what I’m doing.

Finally the attendant couldn’t keep his curiosity in any more, “So ma’m, what do you do?”.  I explain to him that a part of what I do is teaching children how to learn properly, memory skills, etc, the usual story…

Very approving, they nod their heads.  I remember still thinking “I wonder where this is heading, I filled up my car quite often there in the past”.   Finally his friend asks me what means, I tried to explain in lament terms what coaching is, I mean, it’s hard enough to explain to prospective clients what exactly coaching is and how it can be of benefit to them.

But, what came out of his mouth next, hit me like a punch in the stomach; he replied with a confident “So, basically you help people to become conscious?”

I was speechless.  Here, in the middle of a Saturday afternoon, a petrol attendant (not that I’m judging) sums up the whole purpose of my business in one beautiful sentence. To help people to be aware, how profound and EXACTLY spot on!  I didn’t even realise it myself until he uttered the words.

After collecting myself, I replied “You are exactly right”, and he continued to explain that so many people walk in the darkness and that it is so wonderful that there are people like me that can show them the way.  He ended his conversation with “May the love of the highest being be with you”, I wished him well with a Namaste and went on my way.

As I was driving off, I said out loud “What has just happened?!” It felt like I was dreaming, like meeting an angel, I was in awe.

So often we go through life in search of the truth and unconsciously dismiss all these wonderful people we encounter every single day, because we’re too busy, or in a hurry, or worrying about this or that.  We judge so easily, but the profound truth lies in the simple things in life, and comes from those you least expect it from.  Like the saying goes “God speaks in mysterious ways”.

That day I was once again reminded that we are all one, and from the same God and Divine Spirit within.